About Us

A Little History

As the saying goes, all great events have humble beginnings. The Father-Daughter Event (“FDE”) came about as the result of an event called The Male Legacy Weekend (“MLW”), an event designed to celebrate the relationship between Fathers, Step-Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Grandfathers, Brothers and all other male family members.

Over the years the MLW grew and grew. As it did, our daughters began to ask their Dad questions like, “Can I come with you this year?” only to be told the event was for boys only. It quickly became clear that it was time for our team of volunteers to create an event for daughters. And so, the Father Daughter Event was born!

About Blood Soldiers

The Blood Soldiers Men Division is a volunteer organization composed of over 50 men from all walks of life.

Together we meet weekly in smaller teams to work on the fundamental principles of leadership in life so that we grow as men for our families and communities. The Father Daughter Event is one of our flagship events that focuses on creating an experience filled weekend for fathers and daughters (step-fathers, step-daughters, granddaughters & grandfathers, uncles & nieces and close friends). We also host an equally powerful weekend for fathers and sons called The Male Legacy Weekend which is designed for the uniquely special relationship enjoyed by Fathers and sons and is open to male relatives of all ages.

If you are interested in learning more about our organization or participating as an active member of the Production Team, come to this year’s Father Daughter Event and talk to anyone on the Production Team. You’ll thank yourself for taking a chance at meeting some very interesting leaders.