Production Team

Father Daughter Event 2013



To create an opportunity whereby fathers can develop, foster and enhance their relationships with their daughters through great meals, simple activities and special one-on-one time.

Love to a women is being taken care of in her own unique way. Therefore every man who participates in the FDE must provide a safe and nurturing environment for women of all ages so that they feel safe and secure at all times. All aspects of the FDE will give fathers multiple chances and ways to be the “HERO” to their daughters. Both girls and young women alike will witness not only their fathers, but all men present striving to be the “HERO”. Men are judged by their actions and so all of our actions will demonstrate the love and care we have for our daughters, down the smallest detail. The activities will be directed at girls 14 and younger and girls 15 and older. The activities will be fun for both Father and Daughter. The meals will be purchased, prepared, cooked and served by men, however all aspects of the meals will reveal to our daughters a context that everything we do and say is about showing our daughters that special place they hold in our lives.

Every man present with or without a daughter will be an example of a “HERO” not only to their daughter but to every daughter at the event. The men of the FDE open their hearts and minds to the fact that when you do it right with your daughter you receive only unconditional love in return. We will all be the role model for the man they are going to marry. Additionally, for those who willing and able, we will extend the FDE into a overnight campout. Fathers will be encouraged to bring the appropriate camping gear to spend the night with their daughters. This will be another opportunity for men to take care of their daughters and give them memories that will last a lifetime which they will share with their daughters. A chance to be a hero to a child who is only a distant thought in the future to a young woman today.


Mark Rich – Enrollment Manager

My six year old Daughter, Madison, is my inspiration for my position as Enrollment Manager.

Madison and I have attended every year since the events inception in 2010 and always have an awesome time. She talks about it all year long and “can hardly wait until next year’s event”. Since then, each year, she has invited a friend and her father to come along. Last year she invited two friends and I really got to see just how special the FDE can be for a father and his daughter and I realized at that moment that I needed to share this with more people.

Earlier this year I asked Madison who she wanted to invite and she came up with a list of 8 girls! I thought to myself, “Everyone should invite all their friends” and with that; we came up with this year’s theme “Invite a Friend”. I encourage you all to join us on August 24th and bring along friends, family and acquaintances who deserve to share in this amazing day. Madison, myself and all the fathers and daughters look forward to seeing you there!


Bryan Weiss – Site Manager

I will be serving as Site Manager as well as Gary Weiss’s “second in command”. We are thrilled to be able to hold this event at Camp Josepho this year. Camp Josepho is an amazing camp – you will be shocked to learn that a place like this exists so close to our “urban jungle”. Me and my sons have been camping there as Boy Scouts for over 15 years and when the opportunity arose to use it as the site for our Father-Daughter Event, we seized it. We are thrilled to offer a location that is convenient to Los Angeles, secluded enough to provide our participants an outdoors feel, and large enough to hold up to 200 guests!

I have been associated with this Event for all four years now, both as a member of production and as a participant with my step-daughter. I can say without any hesitation that this Event truly changes the lives of those who participate in it. It is an opportunity to spend a day with your daughter and experience the unique love that bonds a father and his daughter. You will laugh, cry, eat and have fun, but most of all, you will come away with memories that will last a lifetime.


Kevin Pusuvat – MD – Wellness Manager

Welcome to the 4th Annual Father Daughter Event (FDE) that will be held on Saturday August 24th.As Wellness Manager I would like to briefly introduce myself, explain why I think this is such an important event, and share my vision for this special day.

I am board certified Internal Medicine physician and Area Assistant Medical Director at South Bay Medical Center. This is a Kaiser Permanente facility located in Harbor City.

I first became involved with the Blood Soldier’s Men’s Division by attending this very event last year. At that time, I was experiencing great success in my career, but struggled with work life balance and having the kind of relationship that I wanted with my daughter. I was asked by a friend to attend this event with his daughter. Our daughters were friends and it seemed like a good thing to do.

A year later I can honestly say that registering for and attending the FDE were the first steps in becoming the man I want to be for my daughter. We had a great day together, but even then, I did not realize how this day would change my relationship with her. During the event we shared some moments and memories that will last years. Months later I feel the impact that investing the time had on both me and my daughter. It has also changed my priorities going forward.

If you want to improve your relationship with your daughter and be the type of man that you want her to marry some day, don’t miss out on this important opportunity to show her how much you care!

As a physician and the Wellness Manager for this event, it is my role to ensure that all fathers and daughters stay well while having outrageous fun. It is also to provide medical support so that those sharing these special moments can feel safe that help is available if needed.


Tom Black – Activities Manager

My name is Tom Black and I’m the Activities Manager for the Father-Daughter Event.
I became interested in what this team of men do after attending their Father-Son event called the “Male Legacy Weekend” ( I was impressed to find this team of men who care enough to help each other succeed as fathers and husbands.

Somewhere between being a good husband and chasing our careers, we lost sight of how much our daughters mean to us. Unless we MAKE the time JUST for them, our girls only get fleeting glimpses of how much we love them. Time to CHANGE that dads! Dedicate a day JUST for them! It could not be simpler than this: accept the invitation of men who understand how hard it is to make that time meaningful, and then let them do most of the work!

My wife of 28 years and my 27 year old daughter Cortney (who is joining me at the Event) are helping to create activities that help both young and older girls connect with their dads and have a blast. It is my challenge, along with the team I am leading to create activities that promote outrageous fun, challenges, laughs (maybe at the expense of us dads), bonding moments and memories that may well last a lifetime. (If you need a spoiler to the surprises call me)

As a dad, let us help you cut loose and become the crazy, fun dad you have always wanted to be for your “little girl”!


Fred Cei – Internet Marketing & Ritual 2nd

I have had the honor of working the Father Daughter Event in past years but have actually never had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the event as our summer schedule never permitted her to be in town during the event.

2013 marks the first time in four years that I will have the privilege of participating with my Daughter. We are both thrilled to be able to make it together and are looking forward to the exciting activities and good times.

My focus this year has been to put a web-presence together that illustrates the joy, heartfelt moments and unique activities that the Father Daughter Event creates for its participants. Thankfully our 2012 Photography team did an outstanding job snapping great candids and all of the images you see on this website were taken from our 2012 event. We look forward to capturing even more amazing images and hope you will allow us to share them with future participants!

See you at Camp Josepho!


Elliot Blut – Finance and Morning Administration Manager

My two Daughters are my life. They represent the best of their mother and father, and I couldn’t be more humbled by the lessons I learn every day from them.

Being part of the Father Daughter Event production staff in a way allows me to give back the love and appreciation that my daughters have given to me, so that new participants can experience a great day full of fun and great memories. At last year’s event, I got a chance to see my two teenage young women enjoy themselves with silly games, archery and thankfully their little cousins. Just being there with them was priceless, and watching them laugh, be responsible with the younger girls was a huge bonus.

My involvement this year will be to greet out guests, make sure that all monies are accounted for and spent wisely and to make sure that we run an impeccable event with regards to finance and greetings!


Pedro Tapia – Strike Manager

I am happy to participate in this year’s Father Daughter Event. This is my third year participating on the Production Team at this great event. The Father Daughter Event is magical because it helps make happy moments between the Fathers and Daughters that stay forever in their minds.

My participation this year is to make sure the location is left cleaner than when we arrived. We invite you to participate with us for the betterment of our individual families. Thank you very much.


Kenny Golde – Rituals Manager

We have an amazing event in store for you this year!

Every year the Fathers and Daughters take the time to build an artifact that becomes a keepsake of the event – something that stays with the Daughter and allows her to remember the fun times spent together during the day. This year is no different, and we are gearing up to take is a step further!

The Ritual Team will be focussed on making sure that your experience at the event is priceless, that heartfelt moments are created and that time spent together is embraced by all. Our portion of the day is the glue that holds the event together and transitions us from one place to the next. We are the ingredient of the event that will make the memories last a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to help create lasting moments that will be with you for decades to come!


Steve Wills – Kitchen Manager

Hello Fathers and Daughters! Let me start by saying, “Please come hungry!”

Your kitchen team is excited about this year’s event because for the first time we are going to have a complete kitchen filled with convection ovens, stove-tops, ovens and one of those huge blenders! We have prepared a fantastic lunch-service that will satisfy you and get you ready to enjoy the rest of the planned activities.

My name is Steve Wills. I have been a massage therapist for the last 19 years and a blood soldier for the last 5! I have to say I am amazed every time I am a part of the Father Daughter Event. I don’t want to describe the amazing things that happen because I want it to be a surprise. But believe me, you too will be amazed!

As your Kitchen Manager, I assure you that there will be a table full of wholesome and nutritious food, plenty of water, a soda here and there and healthy electrolyte replacement drinks to stave off dads and daughters hunger until our planned early dinner. We will be providing our guests with a hearty buffet style meal service that includes your choice of of our delicious filet mignon or a marinated chicken breast. For non-meat eaters, we will be making a savory special recipe vegetarian lasagna to please your palette. All meals will come with your selection of potatoes, corn on the cob and a few surprises that we wont mention so that you come see for yourself!

We look forward to serving you at this year’s Father Daughter Event!


Alan Block – Photography Team Manager

Photography that captures a sense of the feelings and emotions of shared experiences such as our Father-Daughter Event, is often key to building lasting memories. They provide the ability to rekindle those connections and feelings years later.

Personally, I have shared very special times with my daughters throughout the years that seem to come to life each time we look back at the photos. Our daddy-daughter days are often the topic of conversation when we gather as a family and reminisce about our most enjoyable times together.

The photography team will be striving to capture your most special moments and be an ever present, but non-intrusive partner in the Father-Daughter Event. We are committed to delivering photo memories you too will treasure and refer to in your family gatherings and for years to come.