Meet the 2014 Production Team


Danny Weisberg – EVENT MANAGER

The Father Daughter Event (FDE) is our way of giving our daughters a day dedicated to them in a way only the men of Blood Soldiers can. This event will demonstrate that everything we do for them is done out of love and our fun way to provide for them. The men will project loving care in everything they do from the first meetings, to the event and even to striking the site. Our circle is powerful and within the walls of our arms, a strong bond is formed. It is a place where every daughter will feel safe. That feeling of safety will be provided by the men, whether they are serving a meal, leading an event or just hanging out with their daughters. The ceremonies will connect each Daughter to her dad in a meaningful, touching way. The activities will be fun for everyone, both Dads and Daughters. They will be outrageous, yet will honor their femininity. The meals will be simple, yet delicious, offering up a variety of dishes to satisfy everyone in attendance. The food will be served by a team of men who will show by their actions how special our daughters are to us. The day will be loaded with fun times and opportunities for spot welds to be built. Each Daughter will feel the love and care their Fathers and the men have for them. Each Father, and every man present, will stand tall as the Hero those girls need in their lives.
As a member of Blood Soldiers Men’s Division, I have learned a great deal about being a better father for my children Jacob, age 4 ½ and Lili, age 3. Being the event manager of this year’s Father-Daughter event is my way of giving back so others can have the opportunities that I have experienced. I am doing this for all those Dads who don’t get to spend as much time as they would like with their daughters. I am doing this for all you young ladies who want nothing more than a special day with your Dad. A day dedicated to you and your relationship with your Dad. A day filled with unforgettable moments that you will look back on 20 years from now. A day that will forever make you smile and really appreciate that special bond a Father has with his daughter.


VINCENT EDWARDS – Enrollment Manager

Vincent is a dedicated Bloodsoldier and father of three.  When he’s not busy producing and directing animated cartoons, his son and two daughters often enjoy sailing, hiking, drawing together, or just wrassling on the floor until everyone is too tired from laughing to continue.  This years  Event will provide meaningful opportunities for fathers and daughters to really connect, and create happy memories of special time spent having outrageous fun together!




Davis has been a part of Blood Soldiers for over 2 years.
He worked as S1 for the 2013 Male Legacy Weekend and on the Core Team for
2014 as Sponsorship Manager. He has 2 awesome sons Quinn 23 and Trent 14 and
Kathy–she is one amazing partner.




I have been a part of Blood Soldiers for almost a Year now and had a role in the Rhino 2014 event. I have been married for 12 years and have an amazing 10 month old Daughter named Isabella. This is my 1st Father Daughter Event and am ecstatic from all I have heard about the past years and the memories and bonds that are created here. As S1 for this event I am responsible for getting information to the managers as well as collecting all necessary information, organizing it, making sense of it and passing it on up the chain. Helping the Men Win at their roles involves me getting information to them in a timely manner, being clear and concise on my delivery requirements, so that it is easier for men to make deadlines, and holding an inspiring spirit with some firmness. All of these actions that I am taking assist me in being Impeccable at my position and helping our Team function smoothly, efficiently and focused on their positions. I look forward to bringing my daughter to the event even if it is for a short period of time!
Nick Mitchell,
Daughter Isabella


Alon Ben-Nun Picture

ALON BEN-NUN – Activities Manager

With 4 daughters, the Father Daughter Event is very close to my heart. All of my daughters and I have been to every Father Daughter Event since the day we stated doing the event. My Daughters and I have worked on the event in many capacities, and look forward to it every year.


zucchellini Carlos Photo FDE

Carlos Zucchellini – Ceremonies Manager

The founder of Cypress Homes, Carlos Zucchellini, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and comes from a rich heritage of builders and developers.  His father was both a civil engineer and a developer of high-rise buildings, and his sister is a well-known architect in Argentina.  He attended the prestigious Architectural School of the Universidad de Buenos Aires and has had a construction practice in the United States since 1987, specializing in complete renovations as well as new home construction.

With a focus on high-end interior and exterior architectural finishes, interior plastering and custom masonry, Zucchellini has earned a reputation for his highly refined craftsmanship in the finest European tradition. A driven perfectionist, Mr. Zucchellini enjoys immersing himself in new construction technologies and their application to each project.

This year I will be sharing my role of Ceremonies Manager with my daughter, Bianca Zucchellini

Zucchellini Bianca Photo
Our purpose will be to give back to the community by helping other fathers create strong connections with their daughters, while I will be working with my daughter and strengthening my relationship with her by creating an amazing ceremony for this event which is so important for both of us.


Norbert's FDE Photo

Norbert Baldaia – Kitchen Manager

Norbert has been a part of Blood Soldiers for over 2 ½ years. He was the Procurement Manager for the 2013 Male Legacy Weekend, the S1 for the 2014 Male Legacy Weekend, stepped up as Activities Manager for the 2014 Rhino and is currently a member of the Core Team as Division S1. At this year’s Father Daughter Event he will be managing the team responsible for preparing the sumptuous repast planned for this year’s event. When Norbert was 7 his father opened a restaurant. That is where he got his passion for cooking. It is that passion he endeavors will be the catalyst to a memorable moment that the men and their daughters will share for a life time.



David Brein – Morning Administration Manager

From the moment our guests arrive on site, my team of fathers and daughters will greet each participant in such a manner as to make them feel welcomed and eager to participate. As they walk towards registration, each man and girl will experience the power and legacy of this great annual event with every step and every breath they take. Everything about Morning Administration will be geared towards setting the tone for the entire Father Daughter event. The participants will flow effortlessly through the registration process, receiving their cabin assignments if they are spending the night, T-shirts and morning snacks. Our team will answer all questions accurately and with genuine enthusiasm so that the guests continue on their journey prepared to experience the time of their lives. Once the guests have traveled past this initial post, they will do so knowing that this is their home for the next 1-2 days, a safe and magical place to be a kid again and have outrageous fun and adventures.

Professionally, I am Director of Sales but more importantly I am a dad with 2 children, my son Josh is a 11 and my daughter Lindsay is 14. Having attended this incredible event along with my daughter Lindsay, in the past we have consistently and eagerly anticipated the opportunity of attending the FDE to once again celebrate the fun, games and excitement as father and daughter. It is an annual opportunity to renew and strengthen our father daughter bond. One of the greatest moments for me was to watch Lindsay fully enrolled and engaged as a fun loving participant having the time of her life and sharing her excitement with other girls.


PusavatPhoto (Edit)

Kevin Pusavat – Wellness Manager

Welcome to the 2014 Father Daughter Event that will be held on September 20, 2014.

As this year’s Wellness Manager, I would like to briefly introduce myself, explain why I think events like these are so important, and share some thoughts on this special day.

I am a board certified Internal Medicine physician and an Assistant Area Medical Director at South Bay Medical Center. This is a Kaiser Permanente facility located in Harbor City.

I first became involved with the Blood Soldier’s Men’s Division when I attended the Father Daughter Event (FDE) three years ago. It is an event designed to strengthen relationships between father’s and their daughters. At that time, I was experiencing great success in my career, but struggled with work life balance and having the kind of relationship that I wanted with my kids. I was asked by a friend to attend this event with his daughter. I did not know him that well but our daughters were good friends and it seemed like a good thing to do.

Almost three years later, I can honestly say that for me attending the FDE was the first step in getting much closer to my kids and becoming the man I wanted to be. My daughter and I had a great day together, but even then I did not realize how this day would change my relationship with her. During the event we shared some moments that will last years. Months to years later I feel the impact that investing that time had on both me and my daughter. It has also changed my priorities going forward.

As the wellness manager it is my vision to ensure men and their daughters feel and are safe while having outrageous fun. I am a small part of a team of men devoted to providing you with a day of memories that hopefully will last a life time.

If you want to improve your relationship with your daughter and show her how much you care. Don’t miss the incredible opportunity!


Block photo

Alan Block – Website, Registration, Finance Manager

As a father of two grown daughters, I especially appreciate the special moments and bonding opportunities the Father Daughter Event offers. We have been able to participate in the event over the past two years and share in the activities and fun. Last year, my daughter and granddaughter came and we had an outstanding time together. We agreed, if an event such as this was available when my girls were still living at home, we would have jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

I view my role in bringing you the Father Daughter Event as that of a facilitator. First, putting our best foot forward with this website and delivering to you the information that will help inspire you to join us at Camp Josepho on September 20th. Second, making it as simple and quick as possible for you to register. And third, working the other men on the Production Team to facilitate the financial aspects of getting everything we need in place to make this day as special as we can. Because it matters so much to me, you can be sure I will do my very best in every aspect of my role.



Richard Russell- Site Manager

My name is Richard Russell, and I am this year’s Father Daughter Event Site Manager. I served four years in the US Marine Corps, and six years as a US Navy Deep Sea Diver. I am currently a full-time student at Los Angeles Pierce College, as well as a professional photographer.
I spent 10 years in service to our country, and I’m bringing that commitment and service to you and your daughters. I am dedicating myself to providing a site where everyone is safe physically and emotionally, where worries can be forgotten, and fathers and daughters can bond. My goal is to handle everything behind the scenes, and make sure your experience is 100% work free and fun. From the moment you drive into Camp Josepho till the moment you leave, I will be the one insuring you and your family are protected, cared for, and given the best we have to provide.
I am the one coordinating with the camp itself to make sure all facilities and accommodations are nothing short of the best that our daughters deserve, and after last year’s success with Camp Josepho, and the way the took care of us, we just had to repeat the experience! If there are any special needs or concerns that need to be addressed, I will handle them with the utmost of care, so your energies can be focused giving your daughter the best experience possible.


Mark Elkins – Photography Manager

Your Photography Team will be at the Father Daughter Event to capture all the special moments throughout this joyous day. Afterward, you will be able relive this exceptional experience with a live web gallery that will allow you to download your favorite images and save them as digital files or make prints. The three photographers who have the honor of spending the day capturing images and memorializing this event are looking forward to providing memories you will enjoy forever. They are Alan Block, Red Russell, and myself.


Tim Borquez – Audio Visual Manager

Tim is a Composer for Film and TV who brings great passion and enthusiasm to the music that he writes. Outside of writing music he enjoys wrestling with grizzly bears, charming snakes and searching for lost treasure in long forgotten tombs and catacombs in the dark corners of the world. It has been said that he hasn’t shaved in 10 years and that even Gandalf has complimented his beard in passing.


William Photo

William Ralph – Transportation Manager

Welcome to the 2014 Father Daughter Event! My name is William and it is an honor to serve and help, this is my second year helping with this event and even though I do not have a daughter I love doing anything I can for the event so that these fathers and daughters can create happy spot welding moments they will never forget and they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

My participation this year is to make sure that everything needed for this fun filled day is at the location and that everyone going knows how to get there. I am looking forward to seeing everyone having fun and seeing family’s bond.



My name is Pedro Tapia. I am a Father of 4 beautiful adult and independent sons. We have worked in construction for many years as a family. My sons are my motivation every day. Their happiness is my happiness. We have attended the Father Daughter Event for three years and I always have the support of my sons and nephews to make this event even better. This year we are going to give our best to make this event even more successful. Our Goal is to see happy families. My job is Strike and we are going to do our job with all our Heart.




I am the father of four kids, two awesome boys and two lovely girls. My youngest is Kyle 10, Alyssa 12, Karly 13, and Brendon 15. They are the greatest kids on the planet and mean the world to me. My wife and I separated last year, so being a father to my kids is my number one priority. They deserve the best from me all the time, no matter what life brings. I believe there is nothing that can replace the value of what a father brings to a child’s life.

Being a part of an event like this is what life is all about, being with the ones we love and having a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime. My daughters went for the first time last year to the FDE and we had a great time! This year we decided to have our daughters help take this event to the next level. After all, who knows better what girls like than girls! So, be prepared to have one of the best times of your life with your daughter (or to the daughters reading this) with your daddy! My daughters and I will make sure that every aspect of this event is girl approved and will blow your mind! From the moment you arrive until you are burning gas and going home you’ll be taken care of in the incredible Blood Soldier way. All the while creating some outrageously fun, intimate and long lasting memories.